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All-Inclusive Rates

Did you know that at most massage businesses, if you purchase a 60-minute massage, you are only receiving 50 minutes of hands-on time? At Integrative Massage Solutions, we believe that when you pay for a 60-minute massage, then you will receive a full 60-minute hands-on session.

We offer single sessions & bundled sessions. Prices listed in our menu are All-Inclusive while you're on the massage table. That means no hidden fees or extra charges for our use of tools or techniques, such as cupping, warm towels, oils, cold laser, or hands-on work. Our new Infrared saunas are available to complement any service either before or after your massage, or used separately at another time. This is our only extra charge.

30 Minute Spot Treatment- $55

1 to 2 areas worked. Excellent for trying out massage therapy for the first time, children under the age of 10, or for people who are recovering from an injury. (Save $5-$15 with bundles!) 

Bundle of 3- $155

60 Minutes: The Complete Integrative Massage- $85

We say hello to all your major muscle groups, addressing your requests for the session. Whether you're looking for pain relief, stress relief, or a combination of both, this is a customized massage designed just for you. (Save $15-$30 with bundles!)

Bundle of 3- $240 / Bundle of 6- $480

90 Minutes: The Signature Integrative Massage- $115

A client favorite! We use any combination of massage modalities throughout the session to leave you feeling restored, revived, and able to enjoy the week ahead. That extra 30 minutes makes a huge difference in how you feel afterwards. (Save $15-$30 with bundles!)

Bundle of 3- $330 / Bundle of 6- $660

2 Full Hours: The Ultimate Integrative Massage$140

This rejuvenating therapy session is truly the ultimate in managing stress & pain. Enjoy relief from head to toe and try out treatments you wouldn't ordinarily have time for, such as sinus drainage or abdominal cupping. (Save $15-$30 with bundles!)

Bundle of 3- $405

Infrared Sauna- Choose 30 minutes or 1 full hour

Wow, we can't say enough about all the benefits of using an infrared sauna regularly! Detoxification, improved circulation, cell regeneration, improved sleep, pain relief both for joints & muscles, clears out lung debris, promotes relaxation, and so much more. But what if you don't like heat? Not a problem! Infrared saunas are not stifling compared with wet saunas- the infrared rays penetrate into your body while leaving everything else cool to the touch. You can even bring your favorite electronics into the sauna with you and watch a show without damage to your phone or iPad. (NOTE: Packs expire one year from date of purchase.) 

With Massage - Single use- $15

Up to 30 Minutes- Single use $25 | 5 pack- $115 | 10 pack- $225

1 Hour- Single use $35 | 5 pack- $160 | 10 pack- $315

Specialty Options:

Lymphatic Drainage- $115

Used for a variety of conditions: Pre & Post Surgical procedures to both prepare for surgery and recover quicker; Immune booster, congested lymphatics, swelling, and more. This is a very gentle and relaxing form of therapy, yet powerful and effective. (Save $125 when you buy the bundle!) ***Bundle of 5 must be used within 5 months of purchase*** 

Bundle of 5- $450 (Regular price x5 = $575)

Cranial Sacral Therapy- $115

We recommend five full CST sessions with us to address specific issues, then maintenance sessions after the five sessions are completed. (Save $125 when you buy the bundle!) ***Bundle of 5 must be used within 5 months of purchase*** 

Bundle of 5- $450 (Regular price x5 = $575)

Massage for TMJ pain- $115

Intra-oral work along with some massage & Cranial Sacral Therapy is combined in this session and is highly effective for those with pain from TMJD, mouth appliances, migraines, high stress jobs, and more. Karen uses non-latex gloves while working gently inside the mouth. (Save $125 when you buy the bundle!) ***Bundle of 5 must be used within 5 months of purchase***

Bundle of 5- $450 (Regular price x5 = $575)


Massage for Minors: Ages 17 and Below- $85   

This is designed for kids and young adults ages 17 and below. An hour session for them can be helpful in managing stress, various aches and pains associated with play and/or sports, or injuries. Select this option for Cranial Sacral Therapy techniques, Sports Massage, or general relaxation massage. Parent or Guardian signature required for first visit.

Reflexology "Rest Your Weary Soles"- $55

Leave feeling refreshed and lighter on your toes after this full service pampering of your tootsies. Depending on your needs, we utilize hot towels, hot stones, cupping, tools, and oils for the full experience. Reflexology at its finest!



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