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Essential Oil Application

At Integrative Massage Solutions, we only use genuine, therapeutic-grade quality oils in our practice. The oils from dōTERRA go through rigorous testing to ensure strict standards of quality. Because of these high standards, their oils are safe enough for everyone, including the young & elderly, or those with sensitive skin. These essential oils offer a drug-free & safe way to deliver what you need. We dilute oils in fractionated coconut oil, jojoba oil, or our homemade organic body butter for topical use. 

Here is the list of dōTERRA oils we use & their specific applications within our practice:

Pain Relief Oils

  • Deep Blue Rub- for muscle & bone pain
  • Siberian Fir- calms nerves
  • Lemongrass & Marjoram- supports tendons & ligaments when injured or overstrained
  • Eucalyptus- soothes overused muscles & relieves congestion 
  • Wintergreen- constituents similar to that of asprin for joint & muscle discomfort
  • Aromatouch Blend- relieves muscle tension, connective tissue & ligament support
  • Peppermint- relieves muscle spasms & promotes clear breathing
  • Breathe Blend- helps relieve symptoms from allergies & promotes restful sleep 

Lymphatic Drainage Support & Cellulite Protocol Oils

  • Cypress- congestion & stagnation relief
  • Grapefruit & Lemon- cleansing & break down of cellulite
  • Lavender- toning qualities in combination cypress & citrus
  • Juniper Berry- helps reduce water retention & provides lymphatic cleansing
  • OnGuard Blend- boosts immune system

Balancing, Stress Relief, Mood Regulating, Emotional Support Oils

  • Balance Blend- promotes tranquility, helps with anxiety, fear, grief, & trauma
  • Wild Orange & Citrus Bliss- invigorating & cleansing both to mind and body
  • Lavender- soothing, calming, & restful
  • Serenity- diffuses anger, tension, & helps regulate hyperactivity

Ordering your own set of oils is easy & fast with doTERRA. Click on this link ===> and start shopping, or become a member if you plan on saving money each month with an order. They have excellent customer service if you have any questions or you can reach out to us as well!


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