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"I can't say enough good things! Amazing massage & cupping session. My hubby & I love going & getting massages from Karen & Jeremy. I highly recommend going to them." ~ J & S

"Jeremy was wonderful. I would recommend him for anyone interested in massage. I felt so much better after my first session with Jeremy. I can't wait to go back." ~ J.B.

"Karen's sweet soul always makes me feel welcomed! She does amazing work and I can tell how much she listens and cares when I tell her where my pain is. That ends up being the focus of the session!" ~ K.M.

"This is the most amazing massage ever! The hot stones are so soothing on my aching back. Karen and Jeremy are so good at what they do." ~ E.B.

"Jeremy is very professional, knowledgeable and compassionate. He listened to my needs and addressed my concerns. He has a wonderful comfortable and nurturing energy that supports healing. I highly recommend his work." ~ L.B.   

"Now that I've been exposed to cupping, it has become addictive to me because I'm all about pulling all the toxins out. I'm always looking for a better quality of life, so cupping has helped me tremendously." ~ D.A.

"I enjoyed the warm stones used with my massage. I liked that Karen listened to me and tailored my massage to benefit my health. I also was put at ease and treated with respect. I definitely plan to go back!" ~ Anonymous

"You Rock!!! Allergies drastically reduced. Will be back and refer to everyone!" ~ C.F.

"Karen truly listens and addresses my specific needs each time. I am deeply grateful to be in her capable hands ;) Going somewhere for a massage is a roll of the dice and can be frustrating when the therapist is inadequate. My experience with Karen has never been the tiniest bit disappointing. She is the gift I give myself!" ~ T.V.   

"I tried the cupping technique and was blown away by how effective it is. Jeremy is quite skilled at using the cups to help relieve my back pain. I would recommend anyone who suffers from tight muscles to see Jeremy for this type of work." ~ A.K.


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