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Appointments, Policies, & FAQ's

Appointments, Policies, & FAQ's

Appointments- What to Expect:

  • Before your session- If you're a new patient, we will conduct an evaluation, review your intake form, and discuss treatment goals for the day. Out of respect to all of our clients, we adhere to the scheduled start & end times. You will always get your full session when you arrive early or on time.
  • For your session, removing clothing is optional. Whether you choose to undress or not, we will leave the room so you can get settled on the massage table while we wash our hands.
  • During your session- You will be draped modestly according to Colorado Massage Therapy laws & regulations. We will only uncover the area we are working on. Communication is KEY! Let us know what you don't want touched, such as gluteals, face, hands, or feet.
  • We want your massage to meet your expectations. Are you comfortable on the table? Need more warmth or cool airflow? How about pressure- more or less? Not a fan of the music selection? Just let us know! We are here to help create a comfortable experience for you.
  • After the session- Take a few deep breaths before getting up off the table. Stretch and see how you feel- did your pain decrease? Do you feel more relaxed? When you are ready, we will be waiting for you at the front desk to accept payment and reschedule your appointment.


  • Payment is due at time of service- We accept credit & debit cards, cash, checks, & HSA/FSA cards. We have Business VENMO and ZELLE accounts as well. We do not accept or bill insurance at this time.
  • Cancellations- We enforce a strict 24-HOUR policy. This means that if you cancel your appointment under the 24-hour window, you will be charged the FULL AMOUNT of your session.
  • Late Arrival- Sometimes lateness happens because life is unpredictable. Give us a call or text us if you will be more than 15 minutes late. You can still enjoy the remaining time of your massage. Full payment is expected. 
  • Sickness or Illness- Contagious? Feverish? Cold or flu bug? You will need to reschedule and stay home to take care of yourself. If you are under the 24-hour cancellation window, you may be subject to paying fees to cover the cost of your session. You can also give your appointment to a friend or family member to cover the cost. 
  • Bringing Dogs or Pets to your Appointment- Due to building and office restrictions, only service animals are permitted. Please leave all pets at home.
  • Marijuana, Smoking, & Alcohol Use- We kindly ask that you save these substances for times outside your session appointments. If you arrive to our facility intoxicated or high, you will be required to pay for your full session and need to be rescheduled at a later time. If you smell heavily of cigarette or marijuana smoke, you may be asked to leave due to sensitivities from other clientele coming for treatment. Our goal is to be scent free- free from smoke, perfumes, and colognes. This allows for a pleasant environment for everyone to enjoy!
  • Ethics & Professional Conduct- Our goal is to provide a warm, inviting, & safe space for our clients to receive therapy. All massage sessions are therapeutic & professional. We do not tolerate inappropriate requests, behavior, jokes, or remarks that are sexual in nature or degrading. You will be asked to leave our premises and pay full payment for your session, whether completed or ended early. Dismissed clients can no longer book appointments with us.


  • Allergies? Let us know if you have any allergic reactions to anything specific. We have non-scented lotion, fractionated coconut oil, organic jojoba oil, and CBD oils and creams. We wash all linens and towels in hot water with clear soap & white vinegar. We do not have an epi-pen at our office.
  • Parking- There is plenty of parking available at our office space. It shares the same parking lot with the Super Target. There are no fees for parking.
  • Security- The main doors will automatically lock by certain times during weekdays and weekends, so we will let you in if your appointment falls during those times. Send us a text or call us when you arrive outside.
  • Restrooms- There are restrooms on every floor of our office building.
  • Handicap & Wheelchair Accessibility- yes!

Our Guarantee to You:

We have our clients best interests at heart for every visit. But because we each have a different touch, skill set, and schedule, we may not be the right fit for you and that's okay! We have a close-knit network of other massage therapists & healthcare professionals that we would be happy to introduce you to. Feel free to ask us for a referral!

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